Code 2 Impact

Code2Impact is raising money for the BLM movement through a nonprofit CS initiative. Code2Impact seeks to provide younger generation students new opportunities to pursue industrial and/or recreational applications of CS courses while raising awareness of minority students in STEM backgrounds.

Course Access

By donating to our GoFundMe, you will be able to access all 4 courses from our uniquely-crafted CS program, and your donations will go to professional organizations dedicated to supporting people of color in STEM fields and national organizations committed to making a change in the fight against race-based discrimination.

Course Diversity

We offer four specialized courses that explore computer science concepts in depth, each packed with up to 16 hours of instructional content and project takeaways.

Intro to Java

This course will familiarize students with the content of a regular APCSA curriculum with no prior Java experience required. Students will learn about the basics of Java syntax and typical content of an APCSA class including variables, Objects, and basic data structures like arrays while working on numerous, fun coding projects along the way.

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Advanced Data Structures

Advanced Data Structures (ADSs) will familiarize students with beyond HS level CS concepts to supplement their knowledge from APCSA. Students will be introduced to ADSs like Hash Tables, learn about their properties and implementation, and solve real world problems using these data structures.

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Data Science

In this course, students will be taught the process of creating a data science notebook using Jupyter. Students will gain a level of familiarity with numerous python libraries including nympty, pandas, matplotlib, and more to learn how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize real life data from datasets in order to answer a single research question.

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Game Development

Through Unity, students will learn the main features involved in game development to empower them to create their own 2D game. This course will cover C# syntax and methods from scratch before diving into coding player movement, animation, UI, and more to create a customizable platformer game!

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100% of donations will go toward BLM and organizations supporting minority students in STEM such as NAACP, Color of Change, and National Society of Black Engineers.


Teachers will teach content through live sessions where students can ask questions at frequent intervals; sessions will also be recorded for all students to view on their own time.

Mentorship Program

Through Discord, students will be able to interact with mentors and other students to ask clarifying questions, seek guidance, and work with other students on customizable projects.