Course Access Information

Course Format

Live Video Sessions

Every course lesson will be delivered as a 2 hour live video lecture. There will be breaks for questions between each "topic" covered in the video or at specific intervals, depending on the course. A moderator will be available to answer questions in a live chat during the lecture. Each session may include lecture, visualization, and application components.

Published Videos

As an extension for our live video lectures, we will publish our live lectures as 1) a series of shortened 10-20 minute videos to our course website with question session functionality and 2) an uncut, recorded version of the live lecture. Students will gain access to the shortened video series a day after the live session. Depending on the course, video summaries may be published.

Donating & Accessing Courses

Please see the FAQ below for more details on how to donate and access our courses.

Accessing the Mentorship Program

Applying for Mentorship

Mentorship projects are an extension of one of our regular courses, so you must be already registered to apply. After donating, students will recieve an email to access our Discord Channel where they can ask questions to mentors, interact and work with other students on customizable projects, and recieve aid and feedback on project takeways.

Mentors & Feedback

A small team of mentors will help guide you on your project takeaways and answer questions throughout the week. You can interact with them through live sessions, recieve guidance from them through Discord, and even share your projects with them for aid and feedback!


Students making customazible games in Unity Game Development can share their project on Github to obrain valuable feedback, ask clarifying questions, and work with other students on their games!

Special Guest Lectures

Coming Soon!

Our social media team is currently contacting professors and students of color who would be interested in giving special CS lectures in the month of August. If you would like to get involved, feel free to contact us at:!

Frequently Asked Questions

By clicking here you will be directed to our GoFundMe, where you will have to make a single monetary donation. After donating, follow the link in the thank you page to our Access Confirmation Form, and provide your donation receipt and email. Invitations to all 4 of our Google Classroom courses will then be emailed to you, as well as any other important communications. We respectfully ask that you not share your access with others who have not donated to our GoFundMe.

100% of donations will go towards Black Lives Matter-affiliated organizations such as the NAACP and national organizations supporting minorities in STEM such as National Society of Black Engineers.

Both! Coding sessions will be held live on a biweekly basis, but students will be able to access video recordings after the live sessions have finished. We encourage all students to attend the live sessions to interact with teachers and ask clarifying questions regarding class content.

Students will download the Discord app if they don’t have it installed already. We will create a central channel for all students in a course; there, students can ask mentors clarifying questions about course content, share their customizable projects with teachers for feedback, and interact with other students taking the course to code with one another!

Our CS program offers 4 specialized student-crafted CS courses in a bundle (you can access them all with a single donation). Aside from ~16 hours of traditional instructional content, each course comes with a unique project takeaway such as a customizable game through Unity, a research notebook through Data Science, and more. We also offer a mentorship program where students can interact with teachers and students alike throughout course weeks to receive guidance on their project takeaways.